Fairdale Latimer

Dilettante, opium fiend and theoretical thaumatologist---damned to the red hell of this "Mars"


From the first blood of dawn to the last blush of dusk, the sky of “Mars” never lets me forget my purgatory, never lets me forget my place in this hell reserved for opium fiends, murderers and egotists. The graveyard of war indeed.

My fever long past, hundreds upon hundreds of journal pages long writ, and I proclaim my delusions have neither faded nor become mired by inconsistency. Forsooth, I find myself drawn to sincerely believe in the majesty of this world and find hope in its immodest people. But resist I must; for once down that rabbit hole, I know I will truly be lost for all eternity…

Eight dreams of freedom by Fairdale Latimer

Fairdale Latimer

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