Actors Anonymous

Katie Knox

The guild officially (albeit not publicly) known as Actors Anonymous (referred to colloquially a ‘Rent-a-Crowd’) is engaged at public functions, and events to ensure a suitable turnout. Close examination of photographic evidence proves that, for example, many of the same ‘background’ people were in attendance at both right-wing and left-wing political rallies. Despite what the authors of the Unfettered Truth will lead you to believe, approximately 80% of attendees (excluding the speakers, their partners, families, and students) at the recent Citizens for Change sit-in, for example, was attended by members of Actors Anonymous.

It is clear even to the untrained eye, that the resemblance between individuals amongst the Intruders and known Actors Anonymous members is more than passing. However, the official results of the biometric analysis on the photographs are ‘inconclusive’. ‘Experts’ have suggested that any resemblance could be attributed to a shared genealogy, leading the tabloids to claim that the Intruders are long-dead ancestors of the colonising Families.

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Actors Anonymous

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