Animal Crossings

Walsingham, V. F.

Taken from a public lecture on the arebiological implications of the superposition event:

During the superposition event, humans weren’t the only organisms able to cross the threshold of intrusion zones. Bacteria and airborne spores rapidly gained a foothold on our planet, and animals, driven by hunger, curiosity, or sudden freedom, made their way onto our Mars. In the face of all decency and common-sense, these events have been dubbed ‘animal crossings’ rather than, say, intrusion-mediated migration events, which name would be vastly more accurate and less faddish. Plant crossings, of course, remain minimal, save for the intrusion of Graniteweed growing on and spreading from Intruder building materials. And for the sake of brevity and clarity, I shall spare you my opinions on the accepted usage of ‘intrusion’ and ‘Intruder’ in the literature and in the media.

Nevertheless, those animals that can be identified as crossing show convergent evolution with known species and subspecies, but sequencing shows their genes diverge from common ancestry much earlier, and test crosses between Martian and Intruder animals have so far failed. Curiously, though, there are known (or suspected) Intruder/Martian human pregnancies. The implications of this are as yet unclear, though it is hoped further research will provide more clarity.

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Animal Crossings

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