Athabasca Holdings

Xenia A. Blackwell

Nestled in the Atahbasca Valles, Athabasca Holdings, the largest rare earth strip mine in the Northern hemisphere, was always subject to talk of nationalisation when the Unilateralist faction headed by Lalindra Gopinath took power. Nonetheless, the mine owners continued to valiantly hold out against the relentless creep of Martian socialism. Thus, it caused no small amount of consternation when the main dig site was entirely replaced by its alternate dimension version in “the Superposition event” allowing the property to be seized under the state of emergency provisions hastily enacted by Gopinath’s government.

Despite a protracted battle in the courts, the mine has still not been returned to its rightful owners. Rumours speak of a secret underground government facility, storing remaining artifacts from the alternate world. Undoubtedly, this does not auger well for the people of Mars.

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Athabasca Holdings

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