Battle Butte Militia

Xenia A. Blackwell

The Battle Butte Militia is a band of patriots dedicated to maintaining law and order during the Superposition “crisis”. They formed amongst the shantytowns on the rock outcroppings that form the outskirts of Aborath, the largest city in Syrtis Major, and dedicated themselves to protecting the property of Martian inhabitants from the invasion of the outsiders.

Due to the lack of action from the government forces for anyone not a member of the political or cultural elites, the citizenry were forced to take up arms to defend their jobs, their families and their lives. Lead by Rosario Prendergast, the militia had several notable successes in holding off invaders in various parts of the city, most notably keeping the Cydonia-Arandas Development Corporation headquarters from being overrun by neo-Victorian poseurs and government agents.

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Battle Butte Militia

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