Blavatsky's Sigils

Messrs Gray & Grey

The magic artefacts brought here by the Superposition are powered by strange symbols known as Blavatsky’s Sigils. The sigils have caused considerable concern among the public, since they bear a strong resemblance to many corporate logos.

A contributor who is well versed in Blavatsky’s Sigils has alerted us to two particularly worrying connections: the logos of Vava Tech Interplanetary and the Xiang Foundation.

The sigil commonly found on magically locked doors is virtually identical to the logo found on all Vava Tech products. According to our sources, this sigil afflicts enemies with confusion and madness.

The logo of the Xiang Foundation appears to be an inverted form of the sigil typically found on shrines of health and protection. In its inverted aspect this sigil brings death and disease to all nearby.

Representatives of Vava Tech and the Xiang Foundation did not respond to our demands for an explanation of these disturbing connections. Attempts to access their secret records have also proved fruitless. If you have evidence of any further suspicious activity by these corporations please contact us immediately.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grey & Grey

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Blavatsky's Sigils

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