Boundary Walkers

Katie Knox

Boundary Walkers is the designation given to the special forces deployed to patrol the boundaries between the Intrusion and the colony. The Walkers were tasked with protecting the peace along the border, assisting citizens, and ensuring there was limited fraternisation between Intruders and citizens.

In the first days of the Superposition Event, Military Command held a press conference to reassure citizens that the Boundary Walkers were selected due to their outstanding performance in protecting and serving the populace. It is understood that many of the Walkers had connections to the now-closed Aleph Facility.

In the days following the conference, the Boundary Walkers were accused of crimes including assault, looting, accepting bribes, unauthorised use of Steam-Tech, and murder. Military Command, of course, has denied all knowledge of these crimes and the accused will not face charges.

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Boundary Walkers

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