Cats of Krester

Messrs Grae & Grey

Government spin doctors claim that the Cats of Krester were an unexpected byproduct of early attempts at adapting domesticated animals to Mars using the deliberate introduction of neural parasites. They are named for the Curiousity University building they were supposedly created in. However, mapping the spread of the cats over time clearly shows that they first appeared near military installations. The cats’ size and temperament suggests they were intended as vicious guard animals of some kind.

Whatever the military was attempting appears to have failed: the cats, while extremely territorial towards each other, show very little interest in humans unless offered food. For the most part, the cats spend their time fighting each other and keeping the population of huntresses under control.

Repeated autopsies have found no recording devices, neural control chips, or any other sign of espionage.

While the Cats of Krester experiment appears to have failed, we remain concerned about what the military is cooking up in its labs — particularly now that the Superposition has supplied them with access to new organisms.

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Cats of Krester

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