Svetozar: Of course the Superposition wasn’t the only one.

Kessler: You’re saying that other supernatural phenomena have occurred over the past decade?

Svetozar: I don’t like the word ‘supernatural’, Grace. It implies a certainty of categorisation that I don’t yet accept. There’s no consensus explanation as yet and I think mystical definitions are unwarranted, very premature and probably dangerous. But while the Martian Superposition was by far the best known event, there have been other unexplained happenings that have slipped beneath the public’s radar.

Kessler: Go on.

Svetozar: I had a brief assignment at the Volkestadt monitoring station on Deimos about a year before the Superposition, managing an overhaul of the solar power stacks. The whole time I was there the station crew talked about nothing else but Ceres.

Kessler: The asteroid?

Svetozar: Technically a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. Anyway, the Volkestadt crew were all worked up about signals they detected, originating from Ceres.

Kessler: What was so unusual about the signals? There must be survey drones, navigation beacons, even mineral expeditions on Ceres.

Svetozar: The signal was a broadcast of a television program. Some sort of set-based comedy-drama. Certain identifying marks place it as British, 1950’s vintage – signal strength, film stock, spoken language used, fashion…

Kessler: Surely just someone rebroadcasting an old signal for a prank, or else a reflection of an existing signal?

Svetozar: The thing is, the show being broadcast – it was called “Reckonings” – didn’t exist in any entertainment archive on record. Nobody named in the credits appears in any known industry record. None of the actors’ faces correspond with any images in the Humanity Project databases. There’s no evidence that they have been faked up by someone with a mischievous agenda like Actors Anonymous. These people have simply never existed.

Kessler: That’s astounding. Do you have a theory as to the broadcast’s origins?

Svetozar: None whatsoever Grace. It was a pretty funny show though.

- excerpt from interview, Digging Deeper with Grace Kessler, March 14.

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