Challoner, Daryl

Steevy Carlisle

Dr Daryl Daisy Challoner is staff seismologist at the Opportunity Institute of Technology in Phoenix, New Arizona. Challoner has received doctorates in geography and seismology, and has qualifications in areography, astronomy and geology. She has worked at the OIT her entire career, currently as a director of the Geo-atmospheric Reconfiguration Project.
Challoner appeared on television as a subject matter expert during the Elysium quakes. Her stoic demeanour struck a balance between caution and calm with the public which facilitated the swift and successful evacuation of threatened urban ares. After the emergency she was awarded the Red Glaive for her contribution to public safety and nominated for Aresian of the Year. Nicknamed Dr Marsquake, Challoner is now sought by the media for her professional commentary on topics ranging from Anachronistic Phase Transgression to the Phobos Disorbital Event.

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Challoner, Daryl

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