Chow, Miguel

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But Miguel and his theories are something else entirely. Frankly, everyone in the life sciences – women, men or otherwise, is aware of his routine. I think if we could take a thorough survey, Chow could well be found the most turned down individual on not one, but two Marses*. His card calls him a “xenosexologist”, which I think should be properly written “creep”. I, for one, hope his line about anachronistic phase transgression only wins him the attention of the Spirit University Council, which I would certainly encourage to free him up for other opportunities.

(Also, his “field” is utter, utter piffle. Though there’s a clear and consistent separation between the trees of life for our reality and theirs, natural selection was working with much the same toolkit in what appear to be similar circumstances. Any serious researchers will tell you that all known creatures from their Mars mate in the same variety of ways as creatures from ours. It’s just not that interesting.)

Anyway, I’m not saying I wish he was one of The Lost, just that it’d be nice for him to have a whole new world to explore.

  • Please leave a comment if you’ve seen a less awkward plural for ‘Mars’. We may have a need for it.

My beloved Violet,
the plural of Mars should be Mars. One, two and many Mars: its name changeless as its ever burning soul,
just as I remain forever
humbly your servant,

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Chow, Miguel

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