Katie Knox

Why is it, that in order to suggest a remembered past that never happened, people always turn to clockwork?

We were supposed to believe that the highest level of technology used by the Intruders was clockwork, which they proudly displayed in their comically oversized pocket watches, as well as their more ‘functional’ (if redundent) knick-knacks and geegaws, such as the self-pedalling velocipede and the auto-timer for the photoheliograph camera.

Of course, the discovery that the ‘Intruding’ architecture was made of Astral Granite betrayed the true nature of the Intruders, and exposed their reliance on clockwork to be fraudulent.

Furthermore, on closer examination of a number of these artefacts, local scientists have been unable to determine exactly how the devices function. When pressed for an explanation, even the most educated Intruders mutter something about “dark energy”, and will speak no further on the matter.

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