Constance Nudikell

Xenia A. Blackwell

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Dr Nudikell’s work – my understanding is that their Threefold Intersection Hypothesis has contributed greatly to the general understanding of the Superposition Event, although I confess to not understanding the complexities myself. And it is difficult to adequately understand what they must have gone through as the result of their team’s kidnapping at the hands of unidentified thugs. But for me, there are parts of the story that just don’t add up.

  • Several key Curiosity University academics, including Dr Stephen Blaylock and Dr Nudikell themself seemed to be targeted either by the Intrusion, or agents thereof disproportionally to the remainder of the populace.
  • Dr Nudikell’s recent media appearances highlight the kidnapping, but little attention is paid to any of their survey team’s findings – given that the survey happened during the Event, this is surely the key reason for kidnapping.
  • Since release, Dr Nudikell has lately been seen consorting with some unsavoury characters, such as Vargas Steam.

Far be it for me to suggest that the person kidnapped and the person found on that carousel in Arborath are not the same person, but there are some questions that need answering before too long.

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Constance Nudikell

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