Cydonia-Arandas Development Corporation

Fairdale Latimer

My understanding of the economy was greatly expanded by my encounters with the Cydonia-Arandas Development Corporation, a kind of co-operative whereby the community builds and manages its own residences — though I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a front for the espionage arm of the British Martian Office, given the suspicions I have raised earlier.

This co-operative ideology appears to have captured the imagination of the working classes on this Mars: from fuel refinement to gambling, livestock to pharmaceuticals, engineering to gengineering. Indeed, the loose organisation around the last caught the eye of that detestable Pontifex of the New Dawn, Blanche Harris, a persuasive advocate of the self-direction of human evolution who has followed me to this damned hell, clearly to haunt…


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Cydonia-Arandas Development Corporation

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