Darrow Unger

Xenia A. Blackwell

Darrow Unger started their political career as a Unilateralist apparatchik, appointed to the Mars Settlement Authority (MSA) board. Fortunately for them, they soon realised that the stifling bureaucracy and petty small mindedness of the Unilateralists was dragging Mars backwards. They quit the MSA and joined the staff of Assembly Member Zheng Nguyen. Upon Nguyen’s death, they helped found Citizens For Change (CFC), more or less accidentally becoming the public face of the organisation due to public grief they demonstrated in an unguarded moment whilst in the background of a press briefing.

Unger gained a reputation for being a booster for Martian population growth, pointing out that the only economically sustainable way forward for Mars was to boost the population significantly. When the Intrusion occurred Unger was one of the few who tried to make the best of the situation, finding all manner of potential economic benefits in the midst of the crisis.

Unger disappeared while visiting the tomb of Ngyuen aboard Odin Station. Their last transmission comprised of no video feed (in accordance with the instructions of the station’s caretakers) but audio of the words “I see it all now…” followed by silence. No explanation has been forthcoming.

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Darrow Unger

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