Dempsey, Augustina

Dab Svetozar

I first came across Gus Dempsey – that’s Colonel Augustina Fiorenza Dempsey commanding the Coprates Field Brigade, Ares Military Command, to you – shortly after the first reports came in that packs of Kappa were preying on colonial assets.

Let me tell you, just as soon as I laid eyes on her I knew she was Mars-tough. Born onworld, never been Earthside. Pretty typical look – hard face, sharp angles, tall and ropey. Black skin from her birthplace and red hair from her genes. Probably would have been a model on Earth, but Mars doesn’t abide such frivolity. Mars makes you prove you’re worthy of life, every day, and that’s just how Dempsey likes it.

Some will tell you her Boundary Walkers were a bunch of vicious thugs out for themselves. Well, they were violent and they were hard and I won’t deny that. But anyone who tell you that their methods were disproportionate or that they were corrupt or God help me that they welded that shit onto their nervous systems, well. Let’s just say I think they should read less of the sensationalist crap on the Word of Amenthes and go meet the Colonel face to face.

Of course, she’d sooner shoot an interviewer than answer a question these days. After what happened to her, I don’t blame her one bit.

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Dempsey, Augustina

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