Department of Cosmology and Cosmonomy

Steevy Carlisle

The intrusion of a dark energy power station at the campus of Curiosity University, in Queenscliff, was a double edged sword. The plainly sharper leading edge was demolition of the Department of Cosmology and Cosmonomy buildings resulting in two deaths, dozens of people missing, and significant damage to other resources and equipment. The duller trailing edge of the sword was real-time telemetry of the intrusion. Few machines on this side of the intrusion were capable of detecting dark energy which was, up until that moment, merely a robust cosmological conjecture from the end of the last century. Fortunately many of those machines were run by the DC&C and connected to data storage and backup facilities located beyond the boundary of destruction. The DC&C’s Arean Lumispheric Incandescence Array successfully recorded flux gradients for the duration of the intrusion.

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Department of Cosmology and Cosmonomy

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