Diaphanous Spheres of Sedolum

Fairdale Latimer

Because of my intense withdrawl period, I missed what was possibly the greatest crime during the period of the transgression: the vandalisation and theft of the Diaphanous Spheres of Sedolum. Luckily, the denizens of this realm haven’t the faintest inkling of their true nature. Though I have not found opportunity to interact with them, their sheer volume makes them easily spotted, even from great distances, in the quarantine zone known as K211, located adjacent to the government district of Aborath. I’ve heard investigation of their Blavatsky’s Sigils are being undertaken, which is unfortunate for my purposes. Heartily, though, I note no rumours abound regarding the discovery of their Shadow or of the Shadow of any other artifact stolen by this world. Such a development could be ruinous…


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Diaphanous Spheres of Sedolum

Superposition: a Lexicon game luminoustedium Chriplodocus