Doxie Psoriasis

Xenia A. Blackwell

Despite the oft-repeated (and quite sensible) warnings from bodies such as the Quorum for Civic Virtue that the Intuders, regardless of appearance, were not necessarily human, and in the face of the obvious risks of consorting with the arrivals, many colonists still succumbed to their base urges and had ill-advised intimate relations with the inhabitants of the incursions. This lead to a rapid spread of diseases such as Lissett’s Haemorrhagic Fever and the sexually transmitted infection described by the Intruders as ‘Doxie Psoriasis’, a disease they claimed had been eliminated centuries ago. The symptoms included inflammation of the skin that lasted several weeks, accompanied by much itching, a temporary blindness or susceptibility to bright light and occasional fever. While most victims recovered with no obvious ill effects, some reported persistent hallucinations of illusory buildings and structures upon unintruded land. This has lead many to speculate that the illness has granted he ability to see into the Intruders’ dimension, but due to the lack of consistent descriptions of the phenomenon by sufferers, this has been ruled out by most sensible clinicians. The fringe theories of ‘noted xenosexologist’ Miguel Chow that the disease is an allergic reaction to orgone energy that allows victims to see into yet more dimensions have been roundly and sensibly ignored.

Curiously, although this is often cited as the most obvious example of an Animal Crossing, no specific pathogen has yet been identified.

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Doxie Psoriasis

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