Dreaming Twelve

Messrs Gray & Grey

Following disappearance of several members of the Battle Butte Militia who were connected to the events in Fermat Square, we are reissuing our bulletin on security flaws in the Dreaming Twelve. The article below was published nine months ago, but remains accurate.

We strongly urge all members of the public to immediately cease use of the Dreaming Twelve. Government operatives appear to have breached its security: anonymity can no longer be guaranteed while using its virtual meeting rooms. It is also theoretically possible Government agents are now able to spoof previously unique pseudonyms.

While the Dreaming Twelve does not keep logs of user activity (even in public virtual spaces) the security breach was seemingly achieved using magic, so there is no way of knowing if this will prove a barrier to Government spooks.

We recommend any discussion of censored topics be moved to alternative services immediately.

Our attempts to uncover the exact manner of the breach have been frustrated. To date, the only lead we have is a reference to a file titled The Twelve Dreaming under Olympus Mons. The file is, of course, missing.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grey & Grae

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Dreaming Twelve

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