Elder, Jeremiah

Dab Svetozar

You’ve heard a lot about Jeremiah Elder, the Yyddara Clan spokesman. Some of it is true – he was the only representative of the so-called Intruders to cooperate with Aresian authorities and to speak openly with members of the media. And it’s true enough that he had some tricks which looked good on camera and can’t be easily explained with conventional physics any more than they can be reasonably passed off as digital image manipulation.

But I’m not ready to ascribe magical powers to that man, nor am I willing to concede that he was providing enlightenment out of some altruistic inclination. Elder was pure spin, down to the subatomic level if you’ll pardon the expression. He had Governor Baatega wrapped round his finger from day one, and he fed her a steady diet of high-class fairytales day in and day out.

Just so we’re clear – there were never any unicorns. No ambassadors from the realms of Tir-Na-nOg. There’s no concrete evidence that the Robor Blueprints ever really existed. It was all just flimflam designed to gull the Governor out of a king’s ransom in unrefined iridium, niobium and tungsten.

And it worked, damn them.

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Elder, Jeremiah

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