Experimental Deimos Monitoring Array

Messrs Grae & Gray

Despite numerous Freedom of Information requests, and several pending court cases, officials from the Martian Traffic Control Authority are still refusing to release any data gathered from the Experimental Deimos Monitoring Array. The Martian Traffic Control Authority’s secrecy on the matter runs so deep that it has refused to even confirm that the satellite network is still operational.

Following the sudden and supposedly unexpected collision with Phobos, the Experimental Deimos Monitoring Array was launched at considerable expense. At the time, the Martian Traffic Control Authority claimed that the array was critical to ensure early detection of a repeat occurrence. The Government considered it so important that funds intended for the recovery effort were diverted to pay for the satellite network.

Since then: silence.

Even the esteemed Dr Daryl Challoner, despite championing the project just six months ago, has refused to comment on the intense secrecy.

Many people have surmised that the Martian Traffic Control Authority’s silence is because they have found evidence that Deimos’s orbit has destabilised. We remain concerned that something more sinister is at play: several of the satellites’ designers have died in supposed accidents, and the plans are not available for public review. We have no way of knowing if the array is truly intended to simply monitor, or if it has the capacity to deorbit Deimos.

As always, if you have any further evidence of the Government’s complicity, please contact us immediately.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Gray & Grey

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Experimental Deimos Monitoring Array

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