Experimental genetics

Xenia A. Blackwell

While all but the most zealous citizens see the need for gengineering of basic food organisms to adapt to the harsh Martian conditions, it is only grudgingly permitted by most right-thinking folk. The activity of experimenting on the genome of humans, or other higher life forms is generally considered repulsive. There have long been rumours to the effect that military experimentation was occurring on test subjects, but no substantial proof was available prior to the Event. Evidence has been mounting since then, however, that a substantial program of military grade experimentation has been underway for some time.

Despite such hand waving explanations of ‘phlogiston-affected creatures’ or, in extreme cases, magic, made by representatives of the Others such as Jeremiah Elder and Plenipotentiary Quillam, analysis of the organisms left behind, such as vermillion creeper, known to many gardeners as ‘that bloody weed’, show the unmistakable stamp of genome tampering by the Intruders.

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Experimental genetics

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