Violet Frances Walsingham, partial transcript of interview with ((I’ll fill in a name later))

Interviewer: So, then, what about this idea that the ball lightning – sorry, “Arean lumispheric incandescence”, ha ha – is actually alive? I mean- what if the people who say it’s some kind of creature are right?

Violet: Fabulobiology is an interesting idea, if fantasy creatures turn out to be things that we can actually study. The Intruders… look. I still think that’s a really silly word for them, it’s not like we can prove they decided to come here.

I: It’s what everyone calls them, they-

V: People have been wrong all at once before. Like some of the religions people still play at on Earth.

I: I’m not sure that’s the same.

V: Anyway, living lightning. Some people have been flinging about “elemental”, which is very Aristotlean but not even the In- the people from the other place were calling them that, as far as we know. But if that is where they’re from, then what if there’s creatures that can just, y’know, superpose themselves when the conditions are right?

I: Are you saying that the terraforming has something to do with the event? I mean, that’s the most popular explana-

V: No. Apart from the trivial sense of it letting us live here, I suppose. I don’t think it’s true that it’s alive, or that there are any other fantasy creatures flitting about on our Mars, and we’ve got no real observations or evidence anyway. But if it was true? It’d be really incredibly interesting.

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