Fairbridge Project

Dab Svetozar

One of the less well-advertised planetary improvement efforts of the CADC was this proto-terraforming effort up in the highlands of Tharsis. Hellishingly illegal and most of it pretty environmentally reckless as well, but they had good coverage from bribe-bombing the right authorities, and somehow the media never got a hint of it.

They were running all sorts of experiments up there – atmospheric priming, nanosmelting, you name it. They even cored out a bunch of good old fashioned geothermal sinks to see if they couldn’t tap some juice out of one of the magma pockets in the upper mantle. Like looking for a needle in all the haystacks of Ohio, you ask me, but that’s the thing – they were funded like nobody’s business.

Where did that money all come from? I know everyone thinks that the Cydars were just fronting for government spooks. Not me. For once I don’t think that goes far enough into paranoid conspiracy theorism. I think you’d better better off looking in the direction of Spectre House. Their current CEO is nothing but a face for the public. The real man behind the curtain is Zurich Jamisson.

Dead? He’s not dead. Believe me, you couldn’t kill that man with a low-yield nuclear warhead. Or whatever it was that the Intruders tried to use on him.

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Fairbridge Project

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