Farthing Captains

Xenia A. Blackwell

After the “occurrence”, gangs of street hooligans from the other side roamed the streets of our Martian cities, looting and causing havoc for our citizenry. However, it would appear that the Intruder hierarchy took advantage of the ensuing chaos. One of the more notorious street gangs were known as the Farthing Captains, seemingly harkening back to an ancient coinage still apparently in use by the superpositioned reality. In truth though, these ruffians very carefully targeted research laboratories, particularly those chiefly concerned with faster than light (FTL) research, such as Vava Tech Interplanetary. Several researchers were either killed, badly injured or, in the case of Dr Keo Champey, vanished completely. Mention of Arean lumispheric incandescence in several of the the damage reports were quickly hushed up. Incredibly, even the holo-encrypted cloud distributed research was ‘polluted’ with false findings mixed in amongst the completed research, a feat considered nigh impossible by even the most skilled hackers. My contacts advise that with the damage done, the possibility of FTL travel has been put back at least a decade.

Of course, the government hushed up these incidents, usually spouting mealy-mouthed nonsense about “treating the visitors well” and “not causing a diplomatic incident”. No investigation appears to have been conducted into the damage, and the rumours of a “Farthing Initiative” belonging to the Intruders have been given no credence by the Unilateralist regime.

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Farthing Captains

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