Gaslight Runners

Abstract of a report co-authored by Violet Frances Walsingham

Gaslight genetics: An examination of the feasibility and ethics of intruder testing.

Following a number of events, principally the assassination of Zheng Nguyen, there have been calls for a test to be developed to identify the origin of an offender. Groups such as Citizens for Change have been particularly prominent in agitating for the development of such a test, in the hope they may show clear evidence of criminal activity by intruders and intruder groups, such as the Gaslight Runners.

The working group examined a number of areas, including the scientific validity of any possible test, the implications of widespread world-of-origin testing, and the risks of false or misleading test results.

It is not, therefore, considered feasible to conclusively determine by genetic, microbiological, or other scientific testing which Mars an individual is from. It is further suggested that such questions should no longer be allowed to distract attention from more appropriate areas of investigation, as there is an intolerable risk of literal witch hunts and irreparable damage in the area of intruder equality.

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Gaslight Runners

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