Gender roles

Messrs Gray & Gray

A highly placed source has alerted us to evidence that suggests that the Superposition may have been an attempt by radical groups to reshape the society of Mars by physically imposing another society, and its archaic values, onto us.

It is well known that fringe groups like the so called Quorum for Civic Virtue have long advocated a return to 19th century values, what their opponents have a dubbed the ‘Great Leap Backwards’. One such group was briefly infamous for suggesting that the Government should start recording (and therefore, presumably, regulating) the sex and gender of the populace.

Until recently their ideas have been dismissed as laughable. Following the Superposition, however, a much more vocal minority has began pushing these idea, leveraging comments made by several public figures from the Other Place. In particular, Jeremiah Elder, has made statements like:

“It was rather shocking to discover that this Mars seems to have no real concept of gender or gender roles.”
“Well, I certainly would never visit a male healer, or purchase food from a female cook.”
“Sometimes I don’t even know whether I’m talking to a man or a woman.”
“It is sheer linguistic chaos for people to use whatever gender pronouns they feel like using at the time they open their mouth.”

These statements, and others of their kind, have largely been interpreted as the result of culture shock from the involuntary immigrants. Likewise, the friendly relationship and monetary support between radical values groups and several Other Place figures is generally viewed as purely opportunistic.

We believe that this relationship, and this insidious attack on the freedom-embracing culture of Mars, was thoroughly premeditated: our source has provided us with indisputable evidence that, a full three months before the Superposition began, all of the buildings and funds now being used to support Jeremiah Elder and his ilk were prepared and set aside for various “Special Projects”. No further explanation of these projects was given in any of the documents we were able to obtain.

Thus far we have been unable to find any definitive evidence linking one or more of these groups to activity on Phobos or Deimos. If you have any evidence on any of these fringe groups please contact us immediately.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grey & Grey

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Gender roles

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