Geo-atmospheric Reconfiguration Project

Xenia A. Blackwell

The greatest engineering feat in the history of humanity. Or, as some would have it, the greatest act of environmental vandalism ever perpetrated by humanity. To me, this project is the proof that we are a species of enormous courage, foresight, bravery and intelligence.

Overcoming objections from various nay-sayers, the Mars Settlement Authority, headed by the larger-than-life Arton Mifuelle, decided from the outset that the planet needed terraforming to support life from Earth. This decision was taken over the objections of many: some of the governments funding the initial colonisation objected on the grounds of cost (although it should be noted that a large grant was received from the British Martian Office), while others, such as the ‘planetary ecologists’ objected on what appeared to be on the chiefly aesthetic grounds of not changing the ‘ancient landscape’. The Authority justifiably ignored them all and decided that the only way Mars could be economically free was for it to be made to fit the needs of the colonists, and not the other way around.

The efforts included modifying the atmosphere to make it warm, breathable and radiation shielding, changing the soil content to support crops and creating bodies of water. There has even been some talk of modifying the gravity of the planet, but this is presumed to only be in the experimental phase.

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Geo-atmospheric Reconfiguration Project

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