Grain crops

Dab Svetozar

Human survival on the Arean surface is dependent on any number of factors, including radiation screening and detoxification, intradome atmospheric scrubbing, solar and wind energy generation, deep core geothermal heating and power plants; the list goes on. But few necessities have the sheer emotive potential of intensive food production. Show me a Martian worker denied his next mushroom burger meal and I’ll show you a revolutionary recruit.

That’s why the disjunction sickness was such a big deal. There are two major intensive crop production stacks in Java Valley. Their position was less than five kilometers from the event horizon of the Superposition Event. You may hear a lot of expert diagnosis claiming that the disjunction didn’t affect animal life and that could be the case. But I will tell you for a fact that it changed the flavour of vat-produced barley, hops and wheat, and not for the better.

Health authorities, influenced by lobbyists from interests such as the Xiang Foundation, quietly issued inspection clearances for the affected crops. Maybe they didn’t want to have to explain what happened to bread and beer stocks.

We were all eating and drinking that stuff for months before the truth came out.

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Grain crops

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