Fairdale Latimer

A weed is defined not by biology but by society, it is a plant growing where it is not wanted. Where I grew up, we called “graniteweed” Faungrey and it was seen as a good omen, indicating a place where the spirits, House Dovomoi, were happy. Here, the uncouth populous only sees it as a vandal, its beautous filigry merely as unwanted damage to a building’s facade.

Admittedly, the building material on this Mars is far inferior to the building material used in my world. So, the artistry of Faungrey is more than likely problematic to the structural integrity of weight-bearing structures. But it’s a wonder more works built from the local material haven’t collapsed on their own accord anyway. I mean the spectacular Junta Overway Collapse had nothing to do with Faungrey and everything to do with…


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