Gravity Beacons

Steevy Carlisle

Stochastic Electrogravitical Boson Engines were first developed by Vava Tech Interplanetary investigating interplanetary scale methods of propulsion. The gravity control technology was adapted to maintain a localised gravity increase, and this ‘gravity beacon’ found wide application in the colonization of Mars. The Queens of Mars 22 Mm Coaxial Series Battery, the famous “blue belt”, rolled out across the equator permitted constant real-time communication with Earth. All tourist accommodation and a significant majority of local residences maintain Earth-like gravity for the physiological and psychological well-being of the occupants. The small blue boxes are ubiquitous throughout population centres, are a popular tourist attraction, and there is even an urban myth that claims the “blue belt” is the only artefactual object on Mars visible from Odin (in arestationary orbit: 20.4 Mm altitude).

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Gravity Beacons

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