Dab Svetozar

Every tragedy has its exploiters. Human vermin crawl from the woodwork and make the most of the confusion and suffering and efforts to provide relief. The Superposition Event drew charlatans, frauds and delusional crazies like a miners’ bar draws punchups.

It would be unprofessional of me to categorise self-declared religious organisations like the Association for the Accurate Interpretation of the Divine Message as mentally unstable zealots with an untenable grasp on the basic principles of logic and deductive reasoning.

But I can and should point to certain relationships of a business nature which they have forged in recent months. Why, for example, does Representative Basil Wolsley, whose connections with the Unilateralist Party are a matter of public record, still have a paid position on the AAIDM’s managing board despite his recent conviction for tax evasion and voter fraud? And how did the Association manage to declare more than three million in membership fees, association fundraising and charitable donations in the last six months?

Nobody wants to see earnest, well-meaning men and women of strong personal conviction going to prison. That’s a punishment reserved for transgressive criminals. We have a responsibility as a civil society to ensure that we can tell the difference.

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