Insurance claims

Dab Svetozar

During the Superposition event itself, and particularly as a result of the fall of Phobos, Arean actuarial tables were completely rewritten. The received wisdom – that life on Mars resulted into longer, healthier and safer lives than elsewhere in the humanosphere – was contentious enough, being mainly held by immigration advocates and utopians such as the media mouthpiece of the Citizens for Change, Darrow Unger. The significant loss of life in these and related incidents put paid to such nonsense.

Of greater concern, among the many legitimate claims for financial assistance, were the near-crippling levels of fraud perpetuated by both opportunistic criminals and allegedly legitimate businesses. Documentary evidence exists, for example proving that Athabasca Holdings overstated by nearly 400% its losses in the Miggert Canyon Mine’s destruction, conveniently also curtailing a series of negligence investigations “out of respect for the dead”.

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Insurance claims

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