Steevy Carlisle

It has not been long enough for people to break the habit of tapping their fingers to Interface with the Marscloud, UMnet, or their personal choice of Interface service provider. But since the superposition event the ubiquitous Martian communication and information superhighway has been closed for maintenance. To a new arrival it might seem like a superstitous tic to ward off the inescapable frustration which inevitably follows the gesture. To locals it is a constant reminder of the shocking reality, the senseless destruction and loss of life. When Zeus Station was superposed by the ill-fated Thunderhead 99 clockwork satellite, planetwide communication was thrown into disarray. After the retraction Zeus Station has remained effectively offline and Interface services have been limited to robust secure local networks, such as Aborath Civics and Dreaming Twelve, which were essentially able to bootstrap the facility from groundside assets.

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