Ismenius Lacus

Xenia A. Blackwell

Reports from the Rapid Arean Intrusion Deployment (RAID) Taskforce noted that the sparsely populated region around the Ismenius Lacus showed characteristic Intrusion signs immediately prior to the Phobos Disorbital Event, including the Abyss Effect in the nearby Sinton Crater, reports of ball lightning in multiple locations about the area, and later, the discovery that the Erbium Annihilation effect had occurred at the Deuteronilus Mensae geographical survey site.

While understandably, most people have concentrated on the effect of the Event on the more inhabited regions, clues to the origins of the cataclysm that befell Mars may also be lurking in the deserts and plains of the outer regions. Curiosity University have sent an investigative team from their Department of Areology, headed by Dr Goffry Thaddeus, funded by a hefty donation from the Blackwell Foundation, but results will likely take some time to appear.

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Ismenius Lacus

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