Java Valley

Messrs Grey & Gray

An eagle-eyed reader has alerted us to some extremely strange findings in the evaluation report on possible sites for the Zeus Station memorial.

The report’s authors attempted to bury the truth in over 12,000 pages of air quality measurements, soil analysis, seismographic readings, biological inventories, and radiation monitoring. But when all of the evidence is put together, it is startlingly clear that something very strange happened in Java Valley.

We are still putting together a detailed exposé, but here are the highlights:

  • the current soil composition bears no resemblance to a similar analysis performed just 2 years ago;
  • several plant, insect, and microorganism species are present that are unfamiliar to experts on biology from both this Mars and the Other Place;
  • despite being almost 5 kilometres away from the nearest known Superposition, Ball lightning occurs more frequently in Java Valley than almost anywhere else on Mars.

Taken altogether, we are starting to seriously consider Java Valley as evidence for Dr Nudikell’s Threefold Intersection Hypothesis.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Gray & Grae

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Java Valley

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