Jolly Lasses

Dab Svetozar

Most of the evidence cited in support of the more outre theories, Fabulobiology being just the most ostentatiously ridiculous, is sheer crackpot rubbish. Willful misinterpretation, pig ignorance and astonishingly uncritical thinking abound. None of it stands up to the least rigorous scrutiny.

Which is not to say that there aren’t still plenty of unexplained elements to the Intrusion. Take the Jolly Lasses, for example – there are far too many independent, verified eyewitness accounts to discount that something took place. Dozens of people, Dr Daisy Challoner among them, saw what looked like hundreds of masked women in carnival apparel, trailing streamers and confetti, wielding butcher knives and seemingly slaughtering domestic animals in a wanton, blood-soaked parade. But there’s no direct evidence – no DNA, no recordings, no satellite detection. We know something happened. To suggest, as some have done, that this proves the existence of Other-Place witches is paranoid, lunatic fantasy.

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Jolly Lasses

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