Junta Overway Collapse

Xenia A. Blackwell

The Marshall Redmond P. Thorpe Overway (known more colloquially as the Junta Overway) was a feat of engineering second to… well second to most things on Mars, sadly. Linking Aborath to its surrounding highlands, it was a colossal monument to the ego of the leader of the November ‘29 Coup. Determined to make his mark on Mars, Thorpe committed most of his army’s resources to ensuring the construction of the viaduct, thus highlighting that remarkably few army engineers had joined his putsch, and hastening his downfall as there were insufficient security forces available to quell the revolting citizens.

Despite the obviously shoddy workmanship, the Overway survived the intervening years until the Event. Whilst no one was willing to use it as a vehicular corridor after what happened to Colonel Deepak at the opening ceremony, it became a home for many of the indigent and less fortunate members of society. Thus, the inevitable collapse once its structure had been weakened by Graniteweed became an infinitely more tragic spectacle than it should have been.

On a side note, if I have to listen to one more goggle-wearing exile or New Fauxwardian poseur blather on about the aesthetic superiority of “Faungrey”, I’ll…

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Junta Overway Collapse

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