Juventae Chasma

Steevy Carlisle

Peppered by the Abyss Effect and figuratively sparkling with radiological anomolies, the floor of Juventae Chasma on the day of the intrusion was occupied by twenty-five staff of the Curiosity University areographical survey led by Dr Connie Nudikell. They were replaced by twenty thousand square kilometres of dense jungle until the retraction. Today the Juventae Chasma is an open rough-cut quarry; two thousand cubic kilometres of iron, silicon and sulphur rich dirt had been scraped away.

Members of the areographical survey report shortly after the superpositioning they were arrested by an unidentified paramilitary organisation, taken to a secure location and held hostage. On the day on the retraction they were discovered, blindfolded and unconscious but otherwise unharmed, on a carousel in Aborath.

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Juventae Chasma

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