Messrs Grey & Gray

The Government’s insistence that nothing interesting or important is happening in Kallisti, or “Quarantine Zone K211” as it is now, flies in the face of all evidence. There are simply too many anomalies tied to K211 – even the so called mainstream media has started to ask questions.

Most investigations have focussed on why the quarantine zone was established around the planet’s only space elevator, with only a handful looking into the large, mysterious objects and structures visible from outside the quarantine zone.

One such structure is of particular interest: while it is still under construction, the kilometre-high spires are unmistakably the superstructure of Opportunity.

At this point it is unclear whether the Head of the Department of Cosmology and Cosmonomy is being reconstructed from a backup, or if its apparent destruction with the rest of the Department was staged.

Government spin doctors are sadly mistaken if they think questions about K211 and Opportunity are simply going to go away: coming clean the public now is the only way. Our sources are already busy cracking into Government records.

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Messrs Gray & Grae

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