Fairdale Latimer

Though I should never admit so in civil society, I harbour a fondness for Kappa. Perhaps, they remind me of home without reminding me of home. Somehow, across the worlds, they have formed a backdrop to my life. Indeed, I likely take as much comfort in their familiarity as I do their strangeness; for they have lived the romance I never could.

Some say the Kappa are aliens, animals, demons. I think they are people, forged by injustice and with a purpose few can relate to. Though their methods are morally questionable, I believe they fight a good fight: finding leverage against those corrupted by power who torment the weak.

And their influence has always been underestimated, not only with their level of organisation but because victims of a Shadow run typically hush it up, wishing to avoid a scandal. I believe they have had numerous successes in this Mars with persons such as Jeremiah Elder and even Lalindra Gopinath.


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