Keo Champey, Dr

Steevy Carlisle

In his doctoral thesis, E = Mimsy2, J.P. Keo Champey coined the term “gnosmosis” to describe a process by which memes spontaneously spawn from a consciousness existing in an inconceivable state. Specifically he described “parthenomemesis” beyond the speed of light. It is an irony the recent catastrophic events which took Dr Keo Champey from us have revealed the first empirical evidence of his theory. Information originating from the Other Place has been discovered in anomalous data identified in cultural repositories as diverse as video games and financial records. The timespan of the gnosmotic incidents reaches back decades, leading to the debate over whether this is an inevitabilty with faster-than-light events or evidence of earlier, less drastic, intrusions.

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Keo Champey, Dr

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