Library of Jimmy Wales

Messrs Grey & Grae

In the wake of claims published in the Word of Amenthes connecting the Library of Jimmy Wales to numerous acts of cyberterrorism, your humble contributors began an independent investigation into the Library.

After penetrating the Library’s systems, our sources have ultimately determined that the Library is not responsible.

Reviewing the attacks in light of the evidence presented by the Word leads us to conclude that this was a sophisticated false flag operation intended to smear the Library’s reputation of independence. At this stage, the true source of the attacks remains unknown.

Given this state of affairs, we have taken the unusual step of informing the Librarians of the security flaws we exploited to conduct our intrusion into their systems.

On a related note: members of the public who are not native to this Mars should be aware that any requests for money to support the Library are scams. The Library is entirely funded by the small fortune it was awarded at the conclusion of a long running legal battle with Queens of Mars.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Gray & Grae

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Library of Jimmy Wales

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