Lissett's Haemorrhagic Fever

Fairdale Latimer

Among all the base rumours levelled at the people of my world estranged on this red devil’s land — " Intruders " as we are so insultingly called — among all the rumours, nothing has hurt us more than those concerning Lissett’s Haemorrhagic Fever.

First, the sufferers have my deepest sympathies. To lose one faculties—for them to literally leak out of one’s nose like lava from a boiling volcano—is horrific and undignified.

But, the claim that my fellow exiles and I am are asymptomatic carriers of the Lissett’s pathogen has also caused tremedous pain and suffering. Already uninvited strangers, we were shunned and pursued by literal witch hunts headed by hysterical hypochondriacs and guardians of the Peace.

Furthermore, this “germ” theory, highly regarded on this Mars, is little more than…


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Lissett's Haemorrhagic Fever

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