Machine Intelligences

Fairdale Latimer

Machines think.

I know if any from my previous life were to read these words, they would wonder not at their truth, which is obvious to the most crude, but at my emphasis. Humans breathe. Fish swim. Machines think.

Yet, as ever, even the simplest truths on this Mars are obscured and must be hard fought for. The prejudice before the machine rights movement must have been staggering, considering how prevalent it remains today, some thirty years later.

Acquaintances have claimed my clockwork only garners its sophisticated responses from its Blavatsky’s Sigils. But they are wrong. And they would be also wrong if they knew of and blamed its Shadow or of any other Thaumatology device it might retain.

No, machines think because consciousness is indivisible. It is no merelogical sum. It is always a gestalt and thus is always present, even in the simples of things, like my watch or my thermometre.


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Machine Intelligences

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