Martian Traffic Control Authority

Xenia A. Blackwell

The most bloated, arrogant, overweening bureaucracy in the Solar System, the Martian Traffic Control Authority (MTCA) is an agency so dense with control and power, it literally warps the society and government around itself. Initially the agency was devised to maintain the space within orbit of Mars, as its name suggests. However, it soon took on additional powers such as customs and excise, planning, resource management and de facto financial and insurance regulation.

The MTCA took the lead role in the State of Emergency declared after the Phobos impact and extended its control during the Superposition event, with then agency head G Walliams stating that they were best placed to manage all of the disasters befalling Mars from a centralised point. Of course, having so much authority and recovery funds managed centrally through one agency brought the carpetbaggers and rent-seekers crawling from the wreckage, and several major scandals, compounded by the mysterious disappearance of Walliams, have finally started to bring some semblance of oversight to this rogue agency.

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Martian Traffic Control Authority

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