Native Survivors

Fairdale Latimer

I have made several acquaintances with natives who professed to have travelled to my world and back, including Constance Nudikell. Though often insightful and experienced, the truth remains these people are my mortal mirrors; exiles spewed into another world, lost, without hope. The bitterness that rises is where the mirror breaks. They returned home. And I did not.

Nevertheless, I note returnees often sport intriguing tattoos. Particularly striking is that by my reckoning, Deimos is almost always a symbolic feature. Some have claim it is Phobos symbology, but no, I’ve seen the Phobos hull and it has quite a different shape.

The point is, instead of tracking such symbolism, learned people on this Mars stare at a rock. Strong in logic, strangely lacking in imagination.


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Native Survivors

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