New Dawn

Messrs Grey & Gray

In an outrageous miscarriage of justice, several champions of the New Dawn have been arrested and charged with corporate espionage for their role in uncovering the reckless environmental and genetic vandalism perpetrated by the Fairbridge Project. The directors of the Fairbridge Project, of course, haven’t even been brought in for questioning.

Our attempts to determine how the Government identified the New Dawn sources instead discovered something altogether more concerning: Javiér V’shek is a now high ranking advocate of the New Dawn. According to the records we obtained, he claims his experiences during the Superposition catastrophe led to a major change of perspective. We are extremely dubious: several of the New Dawn’s investigations into Government genetics engineering programs have suffered mysterious setbacks since Javiér V’shek’s supposed conversion.

A further troubling (but apparently unrelated) discovery showed some of the New Dawn’s funds being funnelled into subsidiaries of the Xiang Foundation. We have not yet been able to identify the source of the transfers.

We urge the Pontifex and the rank-and-file of the New Dawn to act now to retake control of their movement, before it is hollowed out into another sockpuppet for Government and Corporate interests.

Your humble correspondents
Messrs Grae & Grae

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New Dawn

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