November '29 Coup

From a blog post by Violet Walsingham

…but anyway, I’ve strayed far enough away from my field for one post. I consider human stupidity* more of a hobby, really, however good an example of it the “coup” is. It’s one thing to plan some remarkably daft confection of engineering, but to want to stave off its inevitable collapse by turning off the gravity? Mars couldn’t hold a decent atmosphere before life came here, and it can’t do it now just because some fruitcake wants a fancy bridge and, I don’t know, domed cities or something. Like we’re living in 20th century scifi, or something.

Still. Let’s just take a moment to thank Thorpe for proving that you’d get a better coo from a pigeon.


*Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. At least they’re not those divine message clowns.

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November '29 Coup

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